The Revolving Door of Talent

Paul Berggren
2 min readJul 5, 2022

Don’t tolerate trouble.

Photo by Derek Lee on Unsplash

“That’s just who he is. It’s really annoying, but we ignore him when he says that kind of thing.” a team member replied.

“How often does he do that?” I asked.

“Oh, every time we meet as a team in some way, and often when he’s giving feedback to employees.” another chimed in.

“What happens to the other people when he bluntly challenges things that aren’t the way he wants them?” I probed.

“The mood changes, the open dialog stops, and he just sits there waiting for an answer to his challenge. We change the subject and try to move on.” they admitted.

“So… why do you put up with this?” I wondered aloud.

“Because he’s a leader, he really cares about what we do, and he gets things done. Besides, it’s hard to find people for this position.” someone suggested.

“OK, but at what cost? How many people have left or dialed back their performance because of him?” I pressed, hoping they would connect the dots.

It became quiet.

I gently challenged, “How long are you going to tolerate this?”

I’m curious…

• How long would you tolerate this?

• Do you have a story like this?

  • What did you do??

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