Rest in the Chaos, Fuel for the Journey

Paul Berggren
2 min readJan 15, 2021
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Part of coping with chronic stress from a year of living on the edge is stepping away from it. For those who wish to use the chronic stress of others to further their own agendas, this is your chance. At some point, we all have to step off the treadmill and rest. It’s my turn now to focus on quality with a rested me.

We weren’t designed to live under non-stop chaos. The constant rush of adrenaline and other biochemical responses intended to protect us from danger were intended for short-term use. That’s why it’s called a “rush.” All the noise from 24/7 news media, social media, email, entertainment media, etc. Is not focused on quality, thoughtful insights. It’s a competition for attention even for just a moment, and is often a race to the bottom.

So forgive me for slowing down, being selective about what I take in, and often times just being quiet for a while. It’s counter-culture in these times to slow down instead of staying on the hamster wheel of political wars, culture wars, COVID updates, or any number of important topics that grind a person down. Being quiet and doing nothing are very different things.

Sanity comes from more quiet and less noise. There are days when I’ve been in deep concentration for a while and I’ve missed some big news story developing. That’s OK. After a year of COVID on my radar, I’ve become emotionally drained and not willing or able to stir up the emotional response to events happening “out there.” Events in my own life have been dramatic enough on top of learning to navigate the public things of 2020 while showing care and love for others.

So, as a few good things start to connect to form a new foundation in 2021, I’m not going to hand over my enthusiasm, outrage, or urgency for a public person to control. I’m learning to have a degree of detachment from the artificial or unsustainable passions in all the noise.

If I have one general New Year’s resolution this year, it is to slow down, rest from unending tasks, and pay attention to my mind, body, and soul. It’s easy to forget I am a soul with a mind and body. They all need care.

Go fast by going slow. Keep it simple. Not as easy as it sounds AND well worth it. It’s going to be a long journey.



Paul Berggren

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