Curious About What You Don’t Know

Paul Berggren
1 min readSep 13, 2022


Don’t let comfort stifle growth.

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The most interesting things happen just on the other side of your comfort zone.

— Michael Hyatt

As my company evolves and adapts to the changing times, I have been working on my own growth as a leader to keep up.

Either find someone else to be the leader most needed in these times or become that person if you are able.

I keep deciding I need to keep becoming… and that I am still able to learn, adapt, and discipline myself to see with new eyes. I’m still the same person at my core, with a larger view of things and a few more skills.

Oddly enough, I’m also slowing down a bit to focus more on what is important with fewer distractions.

AND YES, all this is on the other side of my comfort zone. And that’s OK because it’s so much more interesting!


?? When do you know it’s time to step into the unknown to grow ??

Life is a team sport. Help you team discover what’s on the other side of their comfort zone.



Paul Berggren

I help people listen and learn from each other. As President of Crown Global HR, I bring clarity to growing and hiring people.